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Celebrating Diversity, Building Bridges.

Our Mission

4B4 Education, Inc. is a nonprofit organization creating a better world, now and for future generations. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to affirm the goodness in humanity and to uplift the human spirit. We do this by curating shared educational and cultural experiences that uplift the human spirit and promote peace and meaningful connections between people, especially youth and their families.

4B4 In Action:
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Join Our Community


Looking for purposeful work, meaningful relationships, and opportunities to give to your community? Join 4B4 Education in creating impactful programming for youth, families, and communities! Whether you want to volunteer, collaborate, donate, or simply stay in touch, we would love to connect with you.

Fill out the contact form to let us know what 4B4 Education can do for you!

4B4 Education, Inc.

Bowie, MD USA

Phone: 202-854-1950

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