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4B4 Education, Inc. is a nonprofit organization creating a better world, now and for future generations. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to affirm the goodness in humanity and to uplift the human spirit. We do this by curating shared educational and cultural experiences that uplift the human spirit and promote peace and meaningful connections between people, especially youth and
their families.



Our vision at 4B4 Education is to empower youth, families, and communities through shared educational and cultural experiences that promote unity, peace, and meaningful human connections, while inspiring a world of mutual respect, understanding, and empathy for present and future generations.



Our 7 C’s express our Values:

  • Connection to the Creator and Creation

  • Compassion for Self and Others

  • Commonality and Differences are Important

  • Collective Concerns Fuel Collective Action

  • Commitment to See it Through to its Logical Conclusion

  • Change is Growth

  • Community is Built One Heart at a Time

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